Seward’s new Autoclavable Stomacher® Bag – Press Release

Stomacher Autoclavable Bag

Seward’s new autoclavable Stomacher® bag can reduce plastic waste in food microbiology testing processes by up to 50%

Seward, the world leaders in sample preparation for microbiological analyses, has launched the first paddle blender bag that can also be autoclaved. By avoiding the need for double-bagging, trials have shown that the new bags can reduce the amount of plastic waste by 50%, as well as saving time and cost.

Seward developed the autoclavable stomacher bag in response to a request by a global food giant customer, to produce a sterile blender bag that would help solve a number of problems it was facing in their food testing processes. Using innovative technology, Seward was able to develop a bag that was robust enough to withstand both the physical demands of the blending action and subsequent autoclaving.

An extensive evaluation at the company showed that Seward’s new autoclavable Stomacher® bag reduced processing times and labour costs by eliminating the need to double bag samples before autoclaving. In addition, this meant a significant reduction in the amount of single-use plastic used during the process.

The company has estimated that using the new Stomacher bag in only one site will save almost $31k annually, due to reduced need for materials and a saving of over two hrs a day in processing time, and also use 1,100 Kg less plastic each year.*

“Using single-use plastic is not only detrimental to the environment, it is costly, and as a business Seward is always striving for ways to reduce, re-use or recycle wherever possible,” said Stuart Ray, Seward’s Technical Director. “In microbiology testing, we aren’t yet able to eliminate all single-use plastic, however we knew there must be a way of reducing it. I’m happy to say that the new Stomacher bag has surpassed our expectations”.

*Based on 2020 volumes.

Editor’s notes

Part of the FermionX Ltd group, the Seward brand is at the forefront of the microbiology industry, providing laboratories with the products necessary for sample preparation. Focusing on transparency, accuracy and traceability, the Seward range helps to produce accurate, repeatable and robust results. With headquarters in Worthing, West Sussex in the UK – all Seward machines are manufactured in the UK. Seward also has offices operating in New York.

To find out more about this product, get in touch with our sales team:

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Seward’s plans to launch Seward GmbH in response to Brexit

As the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is rapidly approaching, we wanted to update and reassure our European customers on the current position of FermionX Ltd and our Seward brand business.

We are fully committed to providing our customers in the EU with our full suite of innovative products, service and support along with minimising any disruption caused by Brexit transition.  Continue reading

Seward highlights new food microbiology sample preparation products at IAFP 2017

Stomacher 400 EVOWorthing, United Kingdom – 15 June 2017 – At the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting, IAFP 2017 (Tampa, USA, 9-12th July), Seward will be showcasing both its new and established sample preparation products for microbiological analysis on Booth #541. Seward’s recently launched Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender is expected to generate significant interest, together with its products for large volume food sample preparation and FDA BAM* methods – these include the Stomacher® 4500 BAM. Seward will also highlight its Insterprep range of sterile pre-weighed media.

Continue reading

Seward to showcase new cost-saving Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender at Pittcon 2017


The Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender

The Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender

17 March 2017 Seward, makers of Stomacher® laboratory blenders, will be showcasing its new generation Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago from 5-9th March. Also on Booth 4852, Seward will demonstrate its range of new ECO sample preparation bags which, when used in combination with the Stomacher 400 EVO, deliver significant cost savings in sample preparation for food microbiology. Continue reading

Building for a Stronger Future, Seward Announces Merger and Restructuring Plans to Establish FermionX Ltd

Seward Ltd, makers of the Stomacher® Lab System and Insterprep® sterile media, is very pleased to announce that it has merged with its sister company, C-Tech Electronics Ltd, to form a new vertically integrated manufacturing company called FermionX Ltd.  There will be no change to Seward’s name, and its high standard of operations known and expected by its customers will also remain the same, but with the added benefit of increased technical resource for R&D, customer support and manufacturing.

The merger represents a significant development for stakeholders, creating a company with combined turnover of circa £6M. This move consolidates two companies with shared core values on strong customer relationships, quality and value-added products and service.

FermionX will continue to operate through its individual brands; Seward, manufacturers of globally renowned Stomacher® lab blenders, and C-Tech Electronics, providing comprehensive electronic contract manufacturing services. The Company will leverage both brands’ respective strengths for the benefit of its customers with greater resources for manufacturing, R&D and global sales and distribution footprint.

The merger provides a greater technical resource for Seward to enhance its R&D strategy, an area which has gained emphasis recently with the launch of the Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender and Insterprep® range of pre-weighed, sterile media.   Continue reading

Seward introduces major new food sample preparation products at IAFP 2016

New Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender and sterile media products for food microbiology testing to be shown in U.S. for the first time


The Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender

The Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender

18 July 2016 Seward Ltd, world leaders in sample preparation, will be introducing two new products to the U.S. at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting in St Louis, Missouri, 31st July to 3rd August. On Booth #221, the most significant development in the Stomacher® range for many years – the new Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO and accompanying Stomacher® 400 ECO bags – will be highlighted alongside Seward’s updated range of Insterprep® sterile sampling bags and sachets. These new products enable food microbiology laboratories to operate in a highly efficient way, with the likelihood of significant cost savings. Continue reading

Scientific Laboratory Supplies awarded Primary UK distribution of Insterprep sterile media

Insterprep instantly soluble, pre-weighed media range ensures fast and accurate sample preparation

The Seward Insterprep range of instantly soluble sterile media



5th July 2016 Seward Ltd, manufacturers of the renowned Stomacher® blender and creators of the Insterprep® range of instantly soluble sterile media, has teamed up with Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) as their primary distribution partner for Insterprep in the UK.

Insterprep is a new range of pre-weighed, sterile, granulated media available in Stomacher® bags or sachets. Continue reading

The all new Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO. Quiet, easy and dependable preparation of food samples

The world’s leading laboratory blender has EVOlved


The Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender

Munich, Germany – 10 May 2016Seward Ltd., manufacturer of the renowned Stomacher® blender for 40 years, has introduced the all new Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender, together with Stomacher® 400 ECO sample preparation bags, at Analytica, Munich (10-13 May, 2016). The Stomacher 400 EVO has been engineered and designed to make it even easier to use, almost silent in operation, and with the rugged and dependable day-to-day performance for which Stomacher 400 blenders are renowned. Laboratories can also save up to 25% on consumables by using the Seward Stomacher 400 EVO with the new Stomacher ECO bags. These use significantly less plastic, saving waste and making them both economical and eco-friendly. Continue reading

Seward Stomacher enables clean and odour free sample preparation for faecal transplants


4th April 2016 – Seward Ltd., manufacturer of the original Stomacher® laboratory paddle blenders and accessories used in sample preparation for microbiological analysis, announces that the Stomacher® has been used in the preparation of faecal samples for a variety of analyses, in addition to microbiology, in the medical and bioresearch fields. A notable new application is the use of Seward’s products in the emerging field of faecal flora transplants.   Continue reading