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Seward Stomacher® products for environmental research and applications

The discipline of environmental science continues to develop with protocols in the field of microbiology as well as chemistry, water and soil sciences. These present new challenges in sample preparation and testing. The versatility of the Seward Stomacher® has seen it used in preparing samples from a variety of sources including soil, water, sewage and leaf litter. Testing protocols for water borne parasites involving filtration and the subsequent processing of the filter in the Stomacher® to extract and concentrate the organisms, demonstrates the high volume processing capacity of our large Stomachers®. Chemical analysis of environmental samples from a variety of sources, as well as residues from plant and animal tissue require safe and efficient sample processing.

Stomacher® lab blenders have been used in evaluating the impact of herbicides and pesticides on the environment, in for example, their impact on human and animal digestion as well as aquatic plants. The Stomacher’s® ability to extract and retain all the sample and buffer in a disposable Stomacher® bag makes it suitable for a variety of applications where the washing solution is the target of the analysis.

For testing of:

  • Soil
  • Sewage
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Trichinella
  • Plant tissue
  • Large blending volumes (eg. Powders)

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The Stomacher® Principle

Whatever protocol you use in your laboratory, thorough reproducible homogenisation of the sample is the first and most critical step.

Stomacher® lab blenders work by the action of twin reciprocating paddles on a sample contained inside a sterile plastic bag. As the sample is crushed during operation, the Seward Stomacher® paddles create a washing effect driving more organisms in suspension thereby providing a better homogenised sample for analysis.

The Seward Stomacher®3500 Jumbo is widely used for blending large volumes such as powder, chocolate and testing the sterility of disposable products (e.g. sanitary products). Similarly, the Stomacher® method developed through the Biowasher and Thermo are referenced throughout the world as the standard for analysis in their respective applications.

The Stomacher®3500 Biowasher was originally designed to process large volumes of filter fibers derived from cartridge filters.  This is used in testing for waterborne parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

An added heater element allows the Stomacher®3500 Thermo Bioreactor to test for Trichinella, an essential documentation requirement for the sale of pork products. The Stomacher® technique is the world standard for this application.

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