Seward offers free trial for new autoclavable Stomacher® paddle blender bag

Microbiology laboratories invited to see how they can eliminate risk of sample bags leaking and bursting during disposal

WORTHING, UK (Feb 2022) – Seward, the world’s leader in sample preparation, is inviting microbiology laboratories to trial its newly launched Stomacher® 3500 autoclavable paddle blender bag at no cost. Thanks to its unique material composition, the new autoclavable bag is the first paddle blender bag that can survive irradiation, Stomaching and the autoclave disposal cycle without losing its integrity. This robust bag prevents bursting and spillages after autoclaving, ensuring the contents can be disposed of where and when intended, rather than being accidentally dumped onto the floor.

The free trial of this new product is available to all. Laboratories globally can apply via Seward’s website to receive a trial sachet of 50 bags. Once the unique advantages of the new bag have been trialed and confirmed in situ, users can obtain 20% off their first order, or 25% off if they provide feedback on their first-hand experience.

The single chamber autoclavable bags are ideal for sample sizes ranging from 400-4500 mL and irradiated sterile for use in laboratory blenders, such as the Seward Stomacher® 3500 and Seward Stomacher® 4500. Available in packs of 250 in 5 sachets of 50 and sterility assured, the bags are made from food grade materials and suitable for all microbiological applications. Its wide range of applications also includes small batch media preparation which can then be sterilised in an autoclave.

“We are inviting any users of 3500 blender bags to try for themselves. Using our new autoclavable Stomacher® bags they can make the autoclave disposal cycle easier and more efficient,” said Stuart Ray, Seward’s Technical Director. “We already have major customers enjoying the advantages of this product both ergonomically and economically, with a stream of new applications in development. Through our trial offer we want everyone to get a chance to try it out and see the benefits in their own laboratories.”

The new Stomacher® 3500 autoclavable blender bag free trial is available worldwide while stocks last and further information can be found on Seward’s website. 

Part of the FermionX Ltd group, the Seward brand is at the forefront of the microbiology industry, providing laboratories with the products necessary for sample preparation. Focusing on transparency, accuracy and traceability, the Seward range helps to produce accurate, repeatable and robust results. With headquarters in Worthing, West Sussex in the UK – all Seward machines are manufactured in the UK. Seward also has a presence in the US as Seward Inc.

To find out more about this product, get in touch with our sales team:

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