Social Responsibility Policy

At the FermionX Group, we are all too aware of the impact that we as a business can have on the wider community and are committed to doing what we can to continuously improve in all areas of our business.

Business Standards & Ethics

The FermionX Group and its brands are totally committed to being a leader in business conduct. To this aim the company is making sure that the right policy and processes are integrated into its daily business practices.

Health & Safety

The FermionX Group is committed to ensure the highest standards of Health, safety and welfare for its employees and others affected by its undertakings. The company provides safe and healthy work places and practices for its employees and also ensures that the employees are given such information, instruction, training and supervision as is reasonably necessary to enable them to carry out safe andhealthy performance of work activities.

All employees are encouraged to maintain awareness and to develop a positive attitude towards safety management.

Our People

The FermionX Group recognise that our people are our future, we therefore continually invest in training and development to help employees achieve their full potential and make sure they have the skills to keep up with developments in technology to help us remain competitive.

Community Engagement

The FermionX Group supports local charities, schools, clubs and not-for-profit organisations through donations and sponsorship as well as supporting individual employee fundraising.

Environment & Sustainability

As a manufacturer, the FermionX Group recognises that its operations have a significant impact on the environment through the energy and resources it uses and the waste it generates. The company recognises its responsibility to act in a manner that shows respect for the environment. The company promotes awareness among staff and looks to conserve energy by minimising waste, recycling wherever possible and maximising its use of renewablere sources. The company has ISO14001 approval.

Contacting Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Policy at

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