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Seward Stomacher® products for food microbiology

The global food safety testing market has never been so important.  New food safety controls, globalisation of food supply chains and consumer demands for greater quality, traceability and security continue to place pressure on today’s food microbiologist.   Microbiologists require laboratory tools and methods that provide accurate, efficient and repeatable results to ensure food supply channels remain secure, to identify and act on safety issues before they become threats and to reduce food-borne illness.

The Seward Stomacher® paddle blender was the first paddle bender of its kind, and has been at the forefront of food testing protocols for 50 years.  Seward Stomachers® remain the world standard in sample preparation.  Globally referenced for thousands of protocols and ISO methods, the Seward Stomacher® range is a proven tool for reliable, repeatable blending of solid food samples.

Ideal for preparing samples of:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Wheat and grain
  • Meat and poultry
  • Fisheries
  • Beverages

Sample Not listed? Contact us to discuss your protocol requirements.

The Stomacher® Principle

Whatever method you use to enumerate and identify bacteria, yeasts and moulds in your laboratory, thorough reproducible homogenisation of the sample is the first and most critical step.

Stomacher® lab blenders work by the action of twin reciprocating paddles on a sample contained inside a sterile plastic bag. As the sample is crushed during operation, the Seward Stomacher® paddles create a washing effect driving more organisms in suspension thereby providing a better homogenised sample for analysis.

The Stomacher® 400 and 400 EVO Lab blenders remain the standard for food testing and for any laboratory requiring sample volume testing up to 400ml.   Challenges in the volume of food sampling has led to methodology developments for pooled sampling such as BAM methods. To support this, Seward developed the Stomacher® 4500 BAM, providing a solution for larger sampling requirements up to 4500ml.

Our Stomacher® lab benders are fully supported with Seward Stomacher® bags and accessories, including filter bags and solutions for short term sample storage.  All our blenders and manufactured in-house and are supported with a 3 year warranty.

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