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Microbiome research is at the forefront of pharmaceutical development. Over recent years clinical trials in faecal transplantation have identified the link between gut flora and physical and mental health. Trials by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK have shown the use of faecal transplantation reduces postoperative hospitalisation time.

Seward Stomacher® lab blenders have been used in microbiome research, clinical trials and production phases. The Stomacher® 400 circulator is used for sample sizes of up to 150g and the Stomacher® 3500 in production stages, accommodating samples up to 3.5kg, together with a range of specialist bags.

Seward offers range of Stomacher® lab blenders and equipment that can be used in microbiome research, clinical trials and production phases.

  • Cross contamination prevention: The unique blending process of a Seward Stomacher® makes it the perfect choice for all microbiome research and production.
  • Better working environment: They are designed to reduce any risk of cross contamination and aerosol production into the laboratory.
  • Viable test results: The paddle action also provides representative samples for subsequent analysis for pathogens and total viable count.

Discover more about how Seward lab blenders and sample bags are suitable for human Microbiome testing and sampling production.

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Paddle Blenders for Microbiome Sampling

Protection from cross contamination:

When operating in the microbiome and faecal transplantation industry it is vital to have in place the necessary safeguards against cross contamination, demanded by regulators. Faecal transplants are subject to the same regulatory frameworks of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as other human organ transplants.

The MHRA regulates medicines, medical devices and blood components for transfusion in the UK. Our products are compliant with these regulations.

The Stomacher® Lab Blenders are designed so that the gut microbiota sample is contained within a sterile Stomacher® bag. The blending process is applied to the outside of the bag by shaped reciprocating metal paddles. With the sample safely secured in the bag it does not come into contact with the machine. This means that the risk of cross contamination is eliminated.

Improved working environment:

During the blending process the bag is sealed. This means there is no risk of aerosol production or odours escaping into the lab. Creating a better working environment for the technicians.

And as the Seward Stomacher® machines come in a range of sizes, they are suitable for use with a fume hood.

Viable test results:

The viability of the faecal sample is also protected by the blending process of the Stomacher® lab blenders. The machines operate at a maximum of 600 paddle strikes per minute, imparting a powerful blending action to the sample ensuring maximum homogeneity is achieved. This action prevents damage to the human gut microbiome bacteria contained within, compared to other blending methods.

The paddle action, though powerful, delivers bacterial cells into suspension with less cell surface damage and therefore more vigorous and viable, ideal for faecal microbiota transplantation preparation.

Gold standard for laboratories worldwide

Seward Stomacher® lab blenders deliver accurate, efficient results time and time again. With nearly 50 years’ experience, our Stomacher® blenders are recognised as being the gold standard in sample preparation.

Our Stomacher® lab benders are fully supported with Seward Stomacher® bags and accessories. Offering a volume sample range from 250µl to 4500ml, Seward Stomacher® paddle blenders are globally referenced by thousands of protocols.

All our blenders are manufactured in the UK and are supported with a 3 year warranty.

Sample bags for Microbiome Sampling

Seward Stomacher® bags are perfect for microbiome research and production methods. Our bag range offers sample preparation for sample sizes from 250ul to 4500ml. We also offer specialist bags for autoclaving and Seward Stomacher® Eco bags, designed specifically to reduce your laboratory’s plastic use and waste.

Seward Stomacher® bags and accessories provide a low cost option for faecal sample preparation with no risk of cross contamination between samples.

How microbiome research can help

Microbiome research has emerged as a powerful tool in unravelling the intricate relationship between human health and the trillions of microorganisms residing within our bodies. By studying the diverse array of healthy bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that make up our microbiome, scientists have gained insights into a wide range of health conditions.

Microbiome research holds promise for understanding and potentially treating disorders such as obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome, mental health disorders, autoimmune diseases, ulcerative colitis and even certain types of cancer.

Through a deeper understanding of the microbiome, we are poised to unlock new avenues for preventive and personalised medicine, transforming healthcare and enhancing the well-being of individuals worldwide.

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