The Original

Only original Seward products carry the Stomacher® name

3 Year Warranty

Seward lab blenders have a 3 year warranty and a 10 year service and support promise

Protocols and ISO

Stomacher® lab blenders suit thousands of protocols and ISO methods

The Stomacher® 400 EVO
and Eco bags

Introducing the Stomacher®400 EVO and Eco
bags, the only sample preparation solution that
delivers cost savings in your laboratory.

  • Reduce laboratory plastic consumption and costs by up to 30%
  • Improve efficiency with easy cleaning and unique ‘one touch’ bag loading operation.
  • Enhanced technology reduces desk top vibration and noise
  • Our quietest lab blender yet
  • Switch to the Stomacher® EVO without impacting standard protocols.

Why choose Seward

For 50 years, Seward and our range of Stomacher® lab blenders have been providing innovative solutions in sample preparation microbiology.

We continue to be the gold standard, globally referenced for thousands of protocols and ISO methods, from food testing to life sciences, environmental to industrial applications. Thanks to the quality of our manufacturing (all our Stomacher® lab blenders are made at our UK factory) we provide laboratories with the right tools to deliver reliable, consistent, and accurate results. Seward Stomacher® lab blenders remain the best and most trusted piece of equipment in their field.

Celebrating 50 years of Stomacher (1972 - 2022)

Explore our Ranges

Stomacher® 80 Biomaster / microBiomaster

Small volume blending for applications in life science, clinical and microbiology.

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Stomacher® 400 Circulator

The original Stomacher® lab blender, used in food safety and microbiology.

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Stomacher® 400 EVO

Our newest lab blender with easy-to-use features and the option to switch to Eco bags, reducing laboratory plastic usage.

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Stomacher® 3500 / 4500

Large volume blending with applications in industry, environmental, food testing and microbiology.

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Our range of ready-to-use instant media bags and sachets, ideal for today’s busy laboratory.

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Our range of pipetting straws for efficient sample handling.

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