Stomacher® 400 EVO

Improved, easy to-use-features with the potential to reduce your laboratory’s plastic usage and waste costs, the Stomacher® 400EVO provides maximum performance in sample preparation with no change to established protocols.

When used with our exclusive Stomacher®Eco bags, the Stomacher® 400 EVO can help reduce the amount laboratories spend on consumables per year. Stomacher®Eco bags are made exclusively for the EVO and are 30% smaller than traditional sample bags, suitable for use in pathogen and TVC (Total Volume Count) protocols.

Find out how much your laboratory could reduce its plastic usage with our Eco bag calculator.

Our lab uses:

Stomacher® 400 packs or equivalent per year

By switching to Eco bags, my lab could save:


kg of plastic every year

This is equivalent to saving:


packs of standard bags

*plastic saving calculated on size and weight of Eco bags v traditional 400ml sample bags, 500 bags per pack

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