Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about our Seward Stomacher®range of paddle blenders and their applications and uses. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, then get in touch with our team today.

Seward Stomacher® machines offer the best homogenised sample for analysis by driving organisms into suspension without compromising organism recovery. There is no direct contact between the samples and Stomacher® machines, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between samples.

What types of samples can I blend? Stomacher® machines can homogenise a wide range of samples and the type of machine used depends on the size and type of samples being prepared for analysis.

Typical samples range from various foods (meats, fruit, vegetables, pastries, cheese, seafood etc), tissue biopsies, water filters, swabs and other sampling material. Our application pages and downloadable Product PathwayLINK contain information on where and how our Seward Stomacher®paddle blenders are used across a variety of industries and protocols.

You can also access a range of research papers in our resource centre or contact us to discuss your application requirements.

We are also happy to assist customers with method development or queries about the capabilities of the Stomacher®machines and our in-house laboratory allows us to test and report on applications.

Originally developed for microbiology food testing, Stomacher® machines are now used in the processing of samples across a wide range of industries and protocols including food and beverage microbiology, medical/clinical research, pharmaceutical development, toxicology labs and environmental analysis laboratories.Find out more in our resource centre or contact us to discuss your application requirements.

Manufactured for 50 years by Seward at our UK manufacturing facility, no other paddle blender manufacturer makesStomacher®paddle blenders. Our Stomacher®blenders are world renowned for producing the best quality homogenised test samples whilst eliminating the risk of cross contamination between samples. Our reputation for strength and build quality ensures high volume sample throughput while delivering reliable and consistent results.

Yes. The paddle speeds and processing time can be adjusted on allthe Stomacher® machines. On the Stomacher® 400 Circulator,Stomacher 400 EVO, Stomacher 3500 Jumbo and Stomacher 4500 BAM,we have developed three sets ofprograms for different paddle speeds and processing times. Each of these programs can be set to your desired paddle speed and processing time enabling you to program to your sampling requirements.

The Stomacher® machines are very simple to clean. The external surface can be cleaned using a laboratory disinfectant and clean cloth. The processing chambers are easy to access for cleaning.

Our Stomacher®400 EVO features a removable drip tray and paddles along with full access to the paddle chamber. You can see videos on how to clean our Stomacher®paddle blenders on our YouTube channel (LINK)

Please do refer to your operations manual for full maintenance instructions or contact us for further advice.

Yes. All our paddle blenders are essentially ‘plug and play’ and are fully quality checked and calibrated before they leave our factory. A quick start guide is included with every blender, and you can also view these on our website product pages for each paddle blender model.

All our Stomacher® machines require very little maintenance due to the quality of their components and build. In fact, such is the quality of the Stomacher® that we have several thousand Stomacher® 400 Classics still in operation around the world, a machine that was originally launched in early 1970s. All Stomacher® machines are supported with a 3-year warranty.Our team are also on hand to service and support your Stomacher®and all machines are covered by a 10 year service and support promise.

We have a wide range of Stomacher® Bags available to suit each of our blenders and the numerous blending applications they can be used for. If you have any queries about which Stomacher® bag or machine would suit your specific protocols,then please contact us.

We are happy to assist customers with method development or queries about the capabilities of the Stomacher® machine and appropriate Stomacher® bags, just complete the contact form.

Yes. All Stomacher® machines are covered by a comprehensive 3-year warranty. You can find out more about our warranty on our service pages. You can also complete your Seward Stomacher®warranty form online to ensure your Stomacher®is warranty registered.

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