Why use a Stomacher® for homogenisation?

Seward Stomacher® machines offer the best homogenised sample for analysis by driving organisms into suspension without compromising organism recovery. There is no direct contact between the samples and Stomacher® machines thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination between samples.

What types of samples can I blend?

Stomacher® machines are capable of homogenising a wide range of samples and the type of machine used depends on the size and type of samples being prepare for analysis. Typical samples range from various foods (meats, fruit, vegetables, pastries, cheese, seafood etc), tissue biopsies, water filters, swabs and other sampling material.

Where are Stomacher® machines typically used?

Stomacher® machines are widely used in processing samples for food and beverage microbiology, medical/clinical research, pharmaceutical development, toxicology labs and environmental analysis laboratories.

Why choose a Stomacher® lab blender?

Our Stomacher® blenders are world renowned for producing the best quality homogenised sample for testing without any cross contamination between samples. Their reputation for strength, power and build quality is ideal for high sample throughput while delivering reliable and consistent homogenisation of samples.

Can I program the timing and paddle speeds for the Stomacher® 400 Circulator?

Yes. The paddle speeds and processing time can be adjusted on all of the Stomacher® machines. On the Stomacher® 400 Circulator, we have developed three set programs for different paddle speeds and processing time. Each of these programs can be set to your desired paddle speed and processing time enabling you to program to your sampling requirements (note this can also be done for the Stomacher® 3500 models).

Is the Stomacher® 400 Circulator easy to clean?

The Stomacher® machines are very simple to clean. The external surface can be cleaned using a laboratory disinfectant and clean cloth. The processing chamber is easily cleaned by lifting the door from its lower hinge to gain access to the chamber, scrub with a brush and disinfectant and finally spray chamber clean with water (Note: refer to operations manual for full maintenance instructions).

Is there much maintenance required for the Stomacher®?

All of our Stomacher® machines require very little maintenance due to the quality of its components and build. In fact such is the quality of the Stomacher® that we have several thousand Stomacher® 400 Classics still in operation around the world, a machine that was originally launched in early 1970s. All Stomacher® machines are supported with a 3-year warranty.

What Stomacher® Bags should I choose for my Stomacher®?

We have a wide range of Stomacher® Bags available to suit each of our blenders and the numerous blending applications they can be used for. If you have any queries about which Stomacher® bag or machine would suit your specific protocols then don’t hesitate to contact us through by emailing info@seward.co.uk.

How do I get more information about a Stomacher® machine?

Use the contact form on the Contact Us https://www.seward.co.uk/contact-seward-uk/ page to ask us a question or simply call us on +44 (0)1903 823 077. We are happy to assist customers with method development or queries about the capabilities of the Stomacher® machine and appropriate Stomacher® bags.

Is my Stomacher® covered by warranty?

Yes. All Stomacher® machines are covered by a comprehensive 3-year warranty.