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Seward Stomacher® products for life science research and applications

The Seward Stomacher® 80 Biomaster, 400 and Stomacher® 3500 lab blender ranges offer the perfect sample preparation tools for applications such as viable cells for tissue culture, analysis of single cell suspensions and large volume sampling for microbiome research.

Repeatability, reducing the risk from cross contamination or aerosol release, together with the unique blending action that preserves cell surface structures and retains viability, has meant that Seward Stomacher® lab blenders and Stomacher bags® have established themselves in applications from cytology and oncology to biochemistry.

New applications in the field of stem cell extraction for therapeutic use and for pure research have broadened the cytology portfolio for the Stomacher® 80 Biomaster blender and it is widely referenced for small tissue processing.

The Stomacher® 3500 and Stomacher®400 models are currently being used to set the standard in microbiome (faecal transplant) research sample preparation.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary
  • Horticulture Microbiome (Faecal Transplant)

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The Stomacher® Principle

Whatever method you use, thorough reproducible homogenisation of the sample is the first and most critical step.

Stomacher® blenders work by the action of twin reciprocating paddles on the sample which is contained inside a sterile plastic bag. This ensures effective and reproducible homogenisation without cross-contamination between samples.

As the sample is crushed during operation, the Seward Stomacher® paddles create a washing effect, driving more organisms in suspension thereby providing a better homogenised sample for analysis.

Our Stomacher® lab benders are fully supported with Seward Stomacher® bags and accessories, including Stomacher® 3500 Autoclavable bags designed to reduce plastic usage and costs whilst improving disposal processes.

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