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Seward Stomacher® Bags and Accessories for an efficient and hygienic work space.

The Seward Stomacher® range of bags and accessories fulfill applications from blending and straining to short-term storage solutions. Our bags offer sample preparation for sample sizes from 250ul to 4500ml, alongside specialist bags for autoclaving and Seward Stomacher® Eco bags, designed specifically to reduce your laboratory’s plastic use and waste.

Seward Stomacher®bags and accessories provide a low cost option for sample preparation with no risk of cross contamination between samples.

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Stomacher® 80 Bags

A range of bags suitable for sample sizes 250μl – 80ml. The Stomacher® 80 bag range has been designed specifically for life science applications. The enhanced Stomacher® 80 bag range features closure and strainer bag formats and double blender bags for biosafety.

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Stomacher® 400 Bags

Our range of bags for sample sizes 80ml to 400ml includes standard, strainers and closure bags for use with Seward Stomacher® 400 Circulator, Stomacher® 400 Classic and Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO lab blenders.

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Stomacher® 400 EVO Bags

The Stomacher® 400 Eco bag range has been designed specifically for the Stomacher® 400 EVO lab blender. Thanks to interchangeable paddles and it’s patented design, the Stomacher® 400 EVO gives you the option to use sample bags that are 30% smaller than traditional sample bags, with no change or impact on established protocols. A perfect solution for ISO 1400 registered labs and those looking to implement sustainability practices.

Eco Bag Calculator

Find out how much plastic usage and waste you can save with our Stomacher® Eco bags, suitable for all applications with a sample range of 80ml – 400ml.

Our lab uses:

Stomacher® 400 packs or equivalent per year

By switching to Eco bags, my lab could save:


kg of plastic every year

This is equivalent to saving:


packs of standard bags

*plastic saving calculated on size and weight of Eco bags v traditional 400ml sample bags, 500 bags per pack

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Stomacher® 3500 / 4500 Bags

Our largest sample bags, suitable for volume sample sizes from 400ml to 4500ml and our Stomacher® 3500/4500 BAM lab blenders. Includes our unique autoclavable bags for one step, hassle free disposal.

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Bag Racks

For clear, hygienic work spaces and short term storage solutions, our Seward Stomacher® range of bag racks help maintain a safe and efficient work space in your laboratory.

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Bag openers

Made from high grade plastic polymer, Seward Stomacher® bag openers hold sample bags open for easy addition of your sample, without risk of instrument contact on the bag.

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Bag clips

For fast and easy securing of Stomacher® bags, eliminating leakage during storage or incubation. Easily cleaned with most lab disinfectants (not autoclavable) our Stomacher® bag clips offer a reusable alternative to closure bags.

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Our own Seward Simplettes® provide an accurate and economical alternative to pipette tips. They are designed specifically to pipette samples from the bottom of the Stomacher® bag without risk of cross contamination.

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Insterprep® Bags of granulated media

Instantly soluble, pre-measured, sterile media in a Stomacher® bag. Simply add sterile distilled water and your sample as per your protocol.

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Insterprep® Sachets of granulated media

Instantly soluble, sterile media granules, ready to use. Just add to your own Stomacher® bags. Choose the Insterprep sachet that fits your protocol needs.

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