Insterprep® Fraser Broth (Stomacher Bag, granules for 225ml)

INS – 2102 – 300NO Pack of 300 (30 sachets of 10 bags)
INS – 2102 – 80NO Pack of 80 (8 sachets of 10 bags)

Insterprep® Fraser Broth Stomacher® bags contain exactly the right of sterile media for instant sample processing.  Just add your pre-weighed sample and sterile, distilled water as per your protocol and place into your Seward Stomacher®.  Your sample is processed as the media is prepared.  No waste, no fuss, instant results.  For use with any lab blender.

  • Suitable for sample volumes 225ml
  • Pre-weighed media, no need to adjust
  • Irradiated sterile
  • Suitable for all paddle laboratory blenders
  • Available in two pack sizes
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Food Microbiology

The Seward Insterprep® range of granulated media is designed to help food testing laboratories cut waste and costs by reducing sample preparation time, giving your laboratory the flexibility to prepare exactly what is needed. By removing media preparation bottlenecks, laboratories can respond flexibly to the demands of a busy schedule and increase productivity and work flow.

Insterprep® bags:

Instantly soluble, sterile media granules, ready to use. Just add your sample to the Insterprep® bag along with sterile water.  The action of your Stomacher® paddle blender ensures the media is prepared at the same time as processing your sample, reducing a testing cycle from hours to minutes.

Manufactured to ISO standards, Insterprep® has been tested and independently proven by the world renowned Leatherhead Food Research Agency.

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Dimensions 17.7 × 30.5 cm
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