Stomacher® 400 Circulator Standard Bag

30020162 US - Pack size 250 (sachets of 5)
BA6141/5 ROW - Pack size 250 (sachets of 5)
30020120 US - Pack size 500 (sachets of 50)
BA6141 ROW - Pack size 500 (sachets of 50)

Our Stomacher® Circulator Blender Bags are designed to be used with the innovative Stomacher® Circulator as well as all other lab blender homogenisers with traditional square paddles.  The curved seal ensures robust blending capacity.  All our Seward Stomacher® bags can withstand extensive blending without tears of perforations.

  • Sample size: 80ml – 400ml
  • Suitable for all makes of paddle blenders
  • Irradiated sterile
  • Bag size: 177mm x 305mm


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