Stomacher® 400 EVO Bags

Reduce your plastic usage and your laboratory waste disposal costs with our Eco bags. Smaller bags, same results, same Seward quality of sample preparation. Suitable for volume sample sizes 80ml – 400ml and for use exclusively with the Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO blender.

See how much your laboratory could save with the introduction of the Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO and Eco bags.

Our lab uses:

Stomacher® 400 packs or equivalent per year

By switching to Eco bags, my lab could save:


kg of plastic every year

This is equivalent to saving:


packs of standard bags

*plastic saving calculated on size and weight of Eco bags v traditional 400ml sample bags, 500 bags per pack

Made from high quality food grade virgin LDPE granule extruded to 65um film thickness, our Stomacher® blender bags are designed to withstand extensive blending without tears or perforations.

All Stomacher® blender bags are irradiated sterile. A certificate of irradiation is available for all bag products upon request.

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