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Detection of Campylobacter using standard culture and PCR of 16S rRNA gene in freshly chilled poultry and poultry products in a slaughterhouse

The Stomacher® was used to prepare samples of skin, liver and breast meat for PCR study. The present study provides data on contamination level with Campylobacter in poultry and poultry products after air chilling.Using cell culture and PCR we detected Campylobacter in the following proportion of chicken samples studied: 38.3% and 40.8%, respectively. Campylobacter contamination occurred highest in liver samples (53.3%), followed by the skin (46.6%), tight (36.6%) and breast (16.6%) samples in that order. C. jejuni (65.2%) was the most frequently isolated species, whereas C. coli, C. fetus and C. upsaliensis were isolated in 30.4%, 2.2%, and 2.2%., respectively. C. jejuni ssp. doylei (60%) was most commonly found subspecies of C. jejuni.

food microbiology PCR campylobacter stomacher 400