Antimicrobial Activity of Vinegar on Bacterial Species Isolated from Retail and Local Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

The Stomacher® was used to blend cat fish samples to study the use of vinegar to reduce the growing number of illnesses caused by spoilage bacteria. The antimicrobial activity of organic vinegar was studied on various bacterial species isolated from domestic channel catfish fillets (Ictalurus punctatus). The effectiveness of the vinegar on the bacteria was measured. Bacteria isolated from catfish fillets with the largest inhibition zone were identified through 16S rDNA sequencing to better understandth e spoilage bacteria that could be inhibited by vinegar to increase the quality of fishery products. Fish and chip vinegar was the most effective on Shewanella putrefaciens isolated from catfish fillets from the market and the pond. Microbial changes were evaluated using te Stomacher to prepare the samples and sensory evaluation was performed on different acetic acid dilutions of vinegar.

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