Life Sciences

The same practical and scientific benefits delivered by Stomacher® in the food industry also apply to the many thousands of life science applications available in our Resource Centre. Repeatability and the lack of risk from cross contamination or aerosol release together with the unique blending action that preserves the cell surface structures and retains viability has found applications in cytology, oncology and biochemistry.

The Seward Stomacher® is a perfect sample preparation tool for applications that require viable cells for tissue culture or analysis of single cell suspensions.

New applications in the field of stem cell extraction for therapeutic use and for pure research have also broadened the cytology portfolio for the Stomacher® blender. A selection of papers can be found in our Resource Centre.

The Stomacher® 80 Biomaster range is widely referenced for small tissue processing in the fields of Pharma, clinical, healthcare, veterinary, horticulture and food microbiology.


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