Seward invited to speak at India Food Safety Summit, 2015

 India’s largest employment sector focuses on enhancing consumer safety


Seward Ltd., manufacturer of the original Stomacher® laboratory paddle blenders and accessories used in sample preparation for microbiological analysis, announces that its Technical Director, Stuart Ray, has recently presented as an invited speaker at a prestigious food safety conference. The 10th National Food Safety and Quality Summit, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi, focused on ‘Integrating Global Perspectives on Food Safety and Quality for Enhanced Consumer Safety’.

Stuart Ray, Technical Director, Seward, presents at 10th National India Food Safety & Quality Summit
Stuart Ray, Technical Director, Seward, presents at 10th National India Food Safety & Quality Summit

This flagship summit is the 10th since India introduced its Food Safety & Standards Act in 2006, its importance is notable since the Food & Beverage industry has now become the largest employment sector in India, having overtaken Textiles. As experts in sample preparation, Seward was invited to present alongside speakers from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Ministry of Food Processing, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as well as other leading representatives from the food manufacturing, safety and quality industry.

In his presentation, which will be available to view on Seward’s website, Stuart Ray discussed the importance of quality sample preparation for accurate food safety analyses. He also provided an overview of international standards and testing methods, commenting on their potential impact and relevance to the Indian domestic and export market.

“In recent years we have experienced an increasing demand in India for our sample preparation products, this is not surprising given the ongoing growth in its food export market,” said Stuart Ray, Seward Ltd. “With the introduction of India’s new food safety legislation and drive towards aligning all standards with Codex Alimentaris, we can fully support food manufacturers in this drive due to our global experience and understanding in food sample preparation for microbiology.”

In addition to its range of Stomacher® laboratory paddle blenders, with a proven reputation for maximising recovery of any microorganisms from food sample matrices, Seward also offers Insterprep® in association with HiMedia. Insterprep is a range of instantly soluble, sterile, granulated media specifically designed to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis.

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