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Human wharton’s jelly cells-isolation and characterization in different growth conditions

The enzyme solution with tissue is taken out and put in the stomacher strainer bags with inner tissue filter at the rate of 25 ml of enzyme solution per bag. The air in the bag is removed to prevent the bag from rupturing and the bag is sealed at least twice at the top using a heat sealer. The bag is placed in the stomacher 400 Circulator and the stomacher is run at 150 rpm for 10 minutes at 37˚C.

The results of the experiments also show that cells grow at a higher rate in 5% oxygen culture conditions compared to 21% oxygen culture conditions, serum does not have an effect on growth of the cells, serum and oxygen do not have effects on the expression of mesenchymal stromal cell consensus markers and the cells are stable without nuclear abnormalities when grown in 5% oxygen and serum free conditions for six passages after
first establishing in serum conditions.

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