The discipline of environmental science has developed in recent years with protocols in the field of microbiology as well as chemistry and soil sciences. These present new challenges in sample preparation and analysis. The versatility of Stomacher® has seen it used in preparing samples from a variety of sources including soil, sewage and leaf litter.


Stomacher 3500 range

Testing protocols for water borne parasites involving filtration and the subsequent processing of the filter in the Stomacher® to extract and concentrate the organisms, demonstrates the high volume processing capacity of the large Stomachers®. Chemical analysis of environmental samples from a variety of sources as well as residues from plant and animal tissue require safe and efficient sample processing.


Stomacher® has been used in evaluating the impact of herbicides and pesticides on the environment, in for example their impact on aquatic plants. The Stomacher’s® ability to extract and retain all the sample and buffer in a disposable Stomacher® Bag makes it suitable for a variety of applications where the washing solution is the target of the analysis.


The Stomacher® range has many proven referenced methods for the microbiological evaluation of soils and effluents. Simply search through our online Reference Centre or contact us for specific references for your application.

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