Seward paddle blenders, serious about food safety for over 40 years

Seward Limited has been manufacturing and developing the legendary Stomacher® Lab Blender for 40 years. The original and still regarded as the best, more than 8 million food samples a day are prepared on Stomacher® 400 paddle blender units around the world.

in November 2016, Seward Ltd merged with its sister company C-Tech Electronics Ltd to form FermionX Ltd. Seward is retained as its own product brand and the new capabilities offered through FermionX further enhances the R&D capabilities to ensure Seward remains a market leader in sample preparation for microbiology.

Stomacher® is the only tool for companies serious about food safety. In bioscience the new developments of the Stomacher® 80 and micro 80 are proving invaluable in safe and efficient sample processing. The Stomacher® 3500 has established itself as the instrument of choice for preparing samples for the new pathogen test protocols requiring jumbo size samples.

Sample preparation is the critical step in all analysis and Stomacher® paddle blenders guarantee reliable and consistent performance with their legendary industrial strength, power and build quality.

The company is based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK with a subsidiary company in Bohemia, New York, USA which takes care of our North and South American customers. We also have a sales office in Singapore which deals with customers all over Asia and Pacific. All our machine products are manufactured here in the UK and 1 of our 3 worldwide bag manufacturing operations is also based here. In this way we control quality and price to deliver great value to our trading partners and laboratory customers.

Seward Limited continues to develop the product range, now with 3 patents to its credit. Stomacher® is the most highly referenced brand name in food safety and life science sample preparation in scientific publications. We are able to assist customers with method development through reference searches and sample evaluations in our development lab. Our Resource Centre contains a unique database of reference papers to help customers identify how the Stomacher® may be used for different applications and protocols.

Seward Limited prides itself in the long and successful relationships it has with distribution partners around the world and we thank all our customers for their efforts and support.