Seward makes cell preparation easier

Seward’s Strainer bag simplifies tissue digestion and processing.

Seward Limited, manufacturer and developer of the world leading, patented Stomacher® Paddle Blender range, has further enhanced the application range of its Strainer bags to include sterile processing of tissue samples for primary cell preparation. Gamma irradiated sterile and available in a range of sizes, the Strainer bags are fully compatible with all laboratory paddle blenders. As the Strainer bags are effectively small, fully containable units which are easily used in a sterile environment, this has enabled new applications in cell culture.

Stomacher80PRThe 0.5 mm pore size of the integrated, robust strainer element within the Seward Strainer bag generates a uniformly homogenous cell suspension. This allows the cells’ passage through the pores of the central straining matrix and prevents contamination with undigested extracellular material which can block pipettes. Produced to provide a sterile, secure environment for the preparation of single cell suspensions, the Strainer bag is ideal for the individual processing of a large number of samples.

The Strainer bags are an adaptable and useful technology which can increase the efficiency of the preparation of primary cells from digested tissues. “The new life-science applications of our robust Strainer bag technology represent the continuing, customer oriented, development to which Seward is committed,” said Stuart Ray, Technical Director, Seward Ltd. “Cell scientists can simplify their primary culture preparations by straining the processed tissues to ensure trouble-free pipetting, whilst also increasing the viability of the cells produced as the end product.”

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