Assessment of Microbial Populations in the Manufacture of Vacuum-Packaged Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef and in a Related Production Plant

The use of the Seward Stomacher in preparing samples for the assessment of microbial populations in the manufacture of vacuum-packaged ready-to-eat roast beef and in a related production plant.


Some microbiological criteria were monitored for 6 months in vacuum-packaged roast beef (15 production batches), raw beef (10 batches), and other meat products (12 batches) produced Continue reading

Comparison of homogenization by blending or Stomaching on the recovery of Listeria monocytogenes from beef tissue

A Stomacher® 400 was used to blend beef tissue as part of the comparison in Listeria monocytogenes recovery.

The study shows that there was no difference between blending and stomaching on the recovery of Listeria monocytogenes in beef tissue.

food microbiology red meat listeria monocytogenes stomacher 400

Mesophilic and Psychrotrophic Bacteria from Meat and Their Spoilage Potential In Vitro and in Beef

The Stomacher® 400 was used in the following ways:

Surface samples (35 cm2) from each muscle were aseptically weighed and homogenized in 225 ml of one-quarter-strength Ringer’s solution (Oxoid) for 2 min in a stomacher (LAB
blender 400; PBI, Italy) at room temperature.

Lean minced beef (20 g) was diluted 1:10 (wt/vol) with 20 mmol of phosphate buffer (pH 6.5) liter1 , homogenized in a Stomacher 400 blender for 3 min, and centrifuged at 16,000  g for 20 min at 4°C.

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The effectiveness of Triclosan-Incorporated plastic against bacteria on beef surfaces

A Stomacher® 400 was used as part of the study to test the effectiveness of Triclosan-Incorporated plastic against bacteria on beef surfaces. The Stomacher® was used to blend sponge samples for 2 minutes. The study demonstrates that while antimicrobial activity is detected against bacterial cultures in antimicrobial plate assays, plastic containing 1500 ppm of triclosan does not effectively reduce bacterial populations on refrigerated, vacuum-packed meat surfaces.

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